Do you believe in ghosts?


New England’s long and storied history makes it home to countless strange and spooky stories, but for those wanting to spend the night with a ghost, a visit to one of New England’s haunted historic hotels is an absolute must.

Among Yankee Magazine’s top haunted inns is The Kennebunk Inn: “Built in 1799 as the private home of Phineas Cole, the Kennebunk Inn was converted into a tavern in 1928. Since then, owners have come and gone, but the spirit of a former nightwatchman and auditor, Silas Perkins, has stuck around. By playing pranks on inn employees he doesn’t like and causing mischief (especially in room 17), Silas is considered the inn’s longest (and most entertaining) guest.” 45 Main Street, Kennebunk, ME. 207-985-3351;

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